Deep Midnight Musings

Deep Midnight Musings

As a member of the Etsy community I have met some really fascinating artisans who’s work is truly unique and inspiring.  Or just really awesome!  Earlier this year I happened upon a unique perfume oils shop who’s beautiful product imagery and engaging product descriptions absolutely blew me away.  I had to try these perfumes out for myself!  The name?  Deep Midnight perfumes.

After sampling several scents I can now say without a doubt that the quality is amazing, and I encourage everyone I can to purchase their perfumes from this, and ONLY this shop.  There are many that I like, and many more that I’d like to try, but here are my two most favorites so far, with partial descriptions taken from the listings themselves. 

  • Shangri-la: “the mythical kingdom hidden deep in the Himalayas, was the idyllic utopia sought after by Eastern and Western explorers alike. It was hidden valley of breathtaking beauty and regal temples, a people rooted in simplicity and meditative ritual… truly an exotic earthy paradise sought after in dream after dream.”
  •  Twilight Nightingale: “Elven Maiden Lúthien was called Tinúviel by her love Beren, and in the Elven tongue it’s meaning is “nightingale” or “daughter of twilight.” Lúthien’s hair was as dark twilight, and her song which was as beautiful as the lark’s, could release the cold hold of winter and bring about the flowers of spring.”

Every one of these perfume listings has an intriguing, well-thought-out description just like these, based on folklore, historical events, or pure inspired fantasy.  Just beautiful! Cat, fine artisan and owner of this lovely perfumery, was kind enough to let me pick her brain, and to share what inspires her. The following is an interview with Cat…

Q. What inspired you to venture into perfumery? What made you decide to create a business from it

I began creating scents for myself and family and friends in 1996 mostly because commercial sprays and perfumes from department stores would trigger my asthma and I still wanted to smell nice. I always loved perfume oils and soaps my mom bought me as a teen. In 2003, I began selling a line of soaps, lip balms, and perfume oils locally in artist co-ops. When I discovered etsy, it was just a natural progression to move on to internet selling. It began as a side business while I worked in Eastern medicine, shiatsu therapy and acupuncture, but now it is my main business.

Q. How do you begin the process of designing a new perfume?

Usually I start with letting my mind wander about and I think…”could I create a perfume that smells like this, or takes a person to this place and time?” A lot of different genres inspire me and I like to tell stories and write poetry and photograph people so it all comes together. I start by testing out my “recipes” or ideas for bases and build on that and work on a scent anywhere from four weeks to a year depending on what I want to achieve and how fussy I get with myself and the feedback I get from my local testers.

Q. How would your describe your own personal style?

Well, I am an eclectic mix for sure. I love dark and gothic styles, romantic -Victorian -bohemian soul sort of styles, earthy and eco-friendly styles, and easy, clean and casual styles. You can see all those vibes reflected in my wardrobe, jewelry, home design, and also what I wear as scents. So I really have a strange aesthetic. I like being a little odd though; it keeps people wondering about you 😉

Q. Your photography creates a beautiful visual for each of the perfumes it represents. How do you choose the imagery?

If it’s a person I use, I have a large number of friends who larp and attend Cons so I can pick a face or person to “represent” my scent. Sometime to me it’s a place or simply items that reflect what I want to convey about the scent. I enjoy using artwork too from artists I know.

Q. Different scents can bring one back to another time in one’s life, for many reasons. Is there a particular scent of your own creation that brings back good memories for you?

I think Tenebrae is the one that brings me back to a very special experience as described in my listing for it. I worked on that scent for over 18 months…for me personally; I wanted to achieve it to relive that experience. When I finally finished it and it was the way I wanted it be as a perfume, I actually broke down and cried. I do have a lot of special ones I have worked on for myself and then shared in my shop, but Tenebrae brings back a very strong memory.

Q. I understand you attend / are a vendor at a lot of conventions. What is the best experience you’ve ever had?

The best time was at TeslaCON I would have to say. Amazing costumes and fun events and I met a lot of wonderful people!

Q. Any current favorite books, music, TV shows?

I read a lot to wind down at night, mostly fantasy or non-fiction history. Music wise, I love Irish music, Nordic music, classical, alt/goth and classic rock. I usually work to classical music as it soothes me as I fill orders and create. I like alpha waves! TV….well, I mostly binge watch on Netflix when I have time or watch PBS online. I love all the typical supernatural, fantasy shows out there. I like Netflix original series too. And I love BBC shows.

Q. What do you geek out over?

Lord of the Rings and anything Tolkien or fantasy. Rocks and minerals…since I was a kid; I love collecting them and studying them. And I go crazy if I can find really good history books on Egypt, Greece, Rome, and Great Britain. I have college degree in Anthropology, History, Legal Studies and Chinese Medicine. I try to keep up on the latest good nonfiction in all areas (well except legal).

Q. What hobbies do you enjoy?

I love jewelry crafting, reading, drawing, writing poetry and short stories, cooking, photography, the outdoors and spending time with my family and fur babies. Quite a few other things too. I like to be busy.

Q. If you could travel anywhere this very moment where would you go?

In real life, Scotland. In my fantasy life…back to the Shire of course!

As you can see, Cat is pretty awesome.  And to all you guys, she makes scents for you, too!  In fact, my brother’s current favorite is Pendragon.  Believe me, he wears it often!  Cat has also just released her 2014 Fall/Halloween scents.  As with all her other scents and listings, the photos and descriptions are wonderful and quite imaginative.  I especially love the descriptions for Faerie Feast and Drunken Pumpkin.  You can actually purchase the whole 2014 Fall/Halloween collection sampler here.  There’s definitely something for all tastes.

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Special thanks to Cat for allowing me to share this interview with you.  I really enjoyed it, and look forward to purchasing more beautifully crafted scents for my collection!  Have you purchased scents from Deep Midnight Perfumes?  Will you in the future?  Tell me about it in the comments!

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