Let Your True Self Shine


So, I wanted to share with you an uplifting message I came across today.  For those of you who are struggling with feelings of self-doubt, a seeming inability to rise above the deep, dark waters of harsh criticism or even rejection, you are not alone.  Many of us allow ourselves to be pulled into these depths without realizing we have a unique purpose that may not be in line with “normal” ways of thinking.  For some of us, the effects can be seriously damaging, causing us to bury our imaginative spirit, never to find our own voice.  I have experienced this personally, but I’ll leave that for another post.  Let’s be clear: it is NEVER ok to put someone down for being who they are.


Now, as a fellow creative/geeky-nerd I’ve had my fair share of raised eyebrows, criticisms, and downright rejections.  I’ve learned to take advice from the criticisms from those who actually care and use it to become a better person, and to ignore all the haters.  But it wasn’t always that way.  And I still struggle with feelings of self-doubt and ineptitude.  Thinking I’m just not good enough, or that I’m too…odd.  I think for all us creative people it kinda goes with the territory.  And that’s OK!  Even though it’s tough to go through, if you can take the positive from it you can build yourself back up and create something truly extraordinary.  So what’s the uplifting message I mentioned, you ask?


One word: Miku!  Yep, the adorable, blue-haired Vocaloid singer we all know and love.  Today I came across a new song featuring the digital diva herself, created by the totally awesome Japanese group Supercell.  This song called “Odds and Ends” was written by the group’s founder Ryo, and is said to be a personal account of his experiences with being ostracized for his own interests and passions, and how he found his voice.


To me, the song and video are a message of hope and encouragement.  In the video, a robot is shown sifting through piles of junk, which we can think of here as bits of negativity, and through hard work and determination, despite setbacks, ends up creating Miku, which we can think of as the positive outcome of our determination to keep going.  It shows that we can create something real and beautiful out of the junk pile, and that this creation can help us to see the beauty in ourselves again.


So what you can take away from this post is, no matter what people do or say, or how many times you fail at something, keep believing in yourself. Your inner light will shine through to the world.  Have you ever been criticized or outcast for your quirks or passions?  How did you overcome your hardships to find your own voice?  What did the song and music video mean to you?  Tell me below!


There are many English translations for this song available, but this one probably best captures the feel of the lyrics.  Go check them out and sing along!

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