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As a graphic designer, seeing the beauty in everything that shares the same particle-containing space as myself kind of comes with the territory.  As such, I feel it my duty to share the awe-inspiring, particle-containing-space-sharing creations I find with all humans I come into contact with – be it virtual or otherwise.  I usually do this by taking all my sleep-deprived musings and visualizations, and cramming them into a digital masterpiece worthy of showcasing in a fine arts museum (in my mind).  However, some inspirations absolutely must be shared just as they are in their original format.  And so therefore, thus, or whatever other introductory phrases you prefer, I give you my top awe-inspiring, particle-containing-space-sharing…eh, well, you know…

Alright, I’ll admit it.  I’ve been reading quite a bit of fan fiction as of late (see previous post).  But I have to say I believe it has helped me out of the creative slump I was in just recently, especially a select few authors in particular.  Their amazing writing, and the anime (remember, anime is plural for anime) these stories were inspired by, helped me in choosing what themes to include in this past installment of my Design Challenge (as seen on my Facebook page).  It looks like my personal theme of choice won’t be claiming the winning vote this time around, but I may go ahead and design it anyway just for the hell of it!

I’d also like to share with you two works of art that I’ve stumbled upon recently.  The first is by an artist known as FairyTree Creations, and you can find her work on Etsy.  I had heard about Rachel’s artwork, and wanted to see for myself these unique, hand-drawn creations.  My favorite piece of hers is this one called “Snow White.”

Such detail! The inscriptions in the background, plus the contrast between the bold, colorful background and the raven-haired beauty with ivory skin known as Snow White are a perfect combination. Other amazing pieces, like this one, can be found on her Facebook page in her photo gallery.

Another artist I’d like to call attention to is Wylie Elise Beckert.  I actually came across this chick through a site we visual artists and designers love called Design Taxi.  She was the featured artist of the day, and it’s easy to see why!  Her style combines just the right mixture of whimsical fantasy and dark edginess, peppered with intellectual overtones.  And hey, she sells stuff, too!  I really love this one called “The Deadline God.”

Incidentally, this pretty much sums up a typical day for me.  The Deadline god himself, a distant cousin to the Grimm Reaper, tends to show up right as I’m entertaining happy thoughts of sinking into my used-to-be-comfy bed, wrapped up in my sorta-flat-now fluffy comforter. The only difference is the pen and paper would be replaced by my laptop and graphic tablet, though the amount of caffeine-laden beverages remains the same.

I highly recommend checking out both of these awesome ladies.  And if you happen to stumble upon other awe-inspiring, particle-containing space-sharing inspirations please share them in the comments!

*Update on my previous post: I have now completed the entire series of both Ouran High School Host Club and Steins Gate, which were among the list mentioned at the bottom of my post, as well as another that I found called Hiiro no Kakera.  All three are absolutely fantastic must-watch…es!!

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