Life Just Smacked Me in the Face!

First, let me just preface this blog post by saying that I have always been a believer of things happening for a reason. There are no real coincides. If you think there are, it’s only because you haven’t yet learned the reason behind them. With that off my chest, let’s move on. Shall we?

To really understand just how hard said face was smacked, I’ll have to go back in time. And no, I didn’t steal the Tardis. A few years ago, 2011 to be exact, I had just completed my internship for my chosen field, Graphic Design, but had not found work. Well, three unemployed months and a mostly-used credit card limit later I was finally hired by an awesome website designer, and could resume supporting myself with actual income. Sweet! I enjoyed working for “Ms. Moxie”.  We had so much fun, and the creativity that worked its way out onto the screens and in print was amazing! We were a team, and I felt like I was on the right track. But then, in 2012 I had to relocate due to financial troubles.

Until then I had been making it on my own: renting my own place, paying my own bills, and enjoying my time out with friends. However, as I had been forced to move into someone else’s house, I had to adjust my living habits and schedules. And the adjustments were NOT easy!! The living arrangements themselves were hard enough to deal with. But traveling over an hour to my job, driving an old car that was moodier than me on my worst PMS days, made things very difficult. Not to mention all the fuel I used!! I began to feel trapped.

2013 was merely a continuation of my troubles. My boss went through a troubling time of her own, and decided to have me work from home. “Great!” I thought. I could save the nearly $400 a month I’d been spending on gas. However, my saved gas money somehow ended up getting forked over for other expenses. I also saw my mother’s health declining. The stress of my living situation, my job, my finances, and now my mother’s poor health was really beginning to take its toll.

Now, as you may have read, I was all excited about 2014. And the first few months really showed some promise! If you’ve read up on my Moxie Makery post you’ll know that I now own a second Etsy shop, and you know how I acquired it. I was also contacted by three super awesome ladies about a totally amazing opportunity! That stupid Saturn Transit was finally beginning to reveal its rewards. But life was about to throw another curve ball.

My mother was hospitalized at the end of April, and again mid-May. It was during her second week-long stay in the hospital that I lost my job. As great a team as my boss and I were, we had been dealing with an unusually dry season. The business just wasn’t there. As is that weren’t bad enough, my boss then went through a tragic family situation. We tried a few weeks of reduced hours in the hopes that business would pick up. It didn’t, and my boss finally had to make the heart-wrenching decision to let me go. That’s just a downside of having your own business; there are no guarantees.

But I still had my new shop, right? Of course! I thought, “sales are still up, so I’ll just put in applications for jobs, and in the meantime my shop will supply me with enough funds to keep going.” But then, my shop sales started to dwindle, as the summer months aren’t exactly the best time of year for stationery supplies. As I said, when owning your own business, there are no guarantees.

Unfortunately my mother ended up back in the hospital AGAIN, having had a total of four surgeries for the same issue! And this is where I am now: no job, little to no shop sales in either store, a mother in poor health, and still living in a difficult situation. Oh yeah, and I’m still trying to pay off that credit card from 2011. Face thoroughly smacked.

However, I believe there is something to be gained from all this hardship. Remember what I said in the beginning? That everything happens for a reason? Well, here are my thoughts. My forced move may have been the beginning of a huge life lesson. I’ve had to learn to adapt to difficult situations, learn a new way of thinking, and, most (nerve-wracking) of all, I’ve had to learn the fine art of Patience. Damn you, Saturn Transit!

image of space
“Roche Limit” by Digital Blasphemy

I can now see the links between events. Maybe I had to lose my job so that I could take care of my mother in her time of need. Maybe I was blessed with the Moxie Makery shop in order to survive this time financially and to aid in my future business success. Maybe I had to work from home so that my car wouldn’t break down sooner from all the traveling, and so my money could be freed up for the other expenses. Maybe I crossed paths with my now-former boss so that I could learn how to manage a freelance graphic/web design business, and to eventually acquire the Etsy shop I’m depending on now. And maybe, just maybe I was planted in the living situation I’m in now in order to help the people I’m living with. And there may be many more lessons I’ve yet to learn. It’s all connected.

So, my final thought is that, no matter how difficult your situation is, no matter how much you want to just give up, remember that everything happens for a reason, and that the reason is to help you grow emotionally and/or spiritually. There is always a light in there somewhere to help you find your way, an inspiration to keep you motivated, if you just look for the positive. Change your way of thinking then you will find those links, and find your path.

So, have you ever been in difficult situations where you were able to find your way out? If so, let’s talk in the comments below! I’d love to hear about how you did it. Maybe your story can be my inspiration!

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